Benjamin Ringer and the Lost Sock Maren Caulfield




176 pages


Benjamin Ringer and the Lost Sock  by  Maren Caulfield

Benjamin Ringer and the Lost Sock by Maren Caulfield
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12-year-old Benjamin Ringer takes solace in his chores, especially doing the laundry. He finds that it takes his mind off other things, like his emotionally distant mother and missing father. One day, this simple job turns into anything but when Benjamin is transported to the fantastical kingdom of Goltovia via the dryer. Life in Goltovia seems charming at first, but Benjamin soon learns that the land is ruled by a tyrannical king who punishes anybody who defies him.

As Benjamin attempts to find his way home, he discovers that he has more of a connection to this strange new place than he ever could have imagined.

Enter the sum

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